Samsung QN85A vs QN90A. Which Neo QLED to Buy?

Samsung QN85A vs QN90A. Which Neo QLED to Buy?

One of the best Samsung flagship TVs are the QN85A and the QN90A which are from the same family and have great premium features.

However, as a buyer, you’re maybe hesitant about which one to buy and to bring home. But, don’t worry…

In this QN85A vs QN90A comparison, I will show you everything you need to know about those two devices including pros, cons, and features…

You’ll know which one to bring home at the end of this article!

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What is the Difference between QN85A and QN90A?

The QN85A and QN90A are two TV from the same line where the QN90A is released after the QN85A. This means that the QN90A has a newer and better performance than the previous QN85A. However, does the difference worth the extra price for the QN90A? This is what we will know…

QN85A vs QN90A Dimensions and Size

Samsung QN85ASamsung QN90A

As you see in the table above, the Samsung QN90A has so many more sizes and dimensions than the Samsung QN85A.

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Samsung QN85A vs QN90A Design

Samsung QN85A vs QN90A. Which Neo QLED to Buy?

As you know, the Samsung QN85A and QN90A are from the same series, with one following the other.

This means that the two TVs have almost the same design including the thickness and the building quality except for some small details that we should mention.

They both have a slim minimalist design that looks beautiful, they have the position and types of the same port, and they have almost the same material except for the different stands.

The stand design of the QN90A is wider than the QN85A.

Also, both TVs have a cable management system.

So, in general, the Samsung QN85A vs QN90A is almost the same, and without the stands, it’s hard to tell which one is which.

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Samsung QN85A vs QN90A Building Quality

The Samsung QN85A vs QN90A building quality is the same which is plastic except for the stands. In fact, according to RTings, the stand of QN90A has a stand made of only metal, unlike the QN85A which comes with a stand with a mix of plastic and metal.

In general, both TVs are solid and reliable with the QN90A a bit stronger. Other than that, they are both incredible TVs.

Samsung QN85A vs QN90A Panel Technology and Picture Quality

Samsung QN85A Picture Quality

The QN85A is a Neo QNED Samsung TV that is considered one of the high-end TVs in the Samsung TV fleet.

To be brief, the picture quality of this TV is one of the best in Samsung TVs.

The backlight that comes with this TV gives it a super high brightness and cool contrast with high color accuracy and many details on the screen.

The panel that this TV has come with is compelling and will give you a great viewing experience.

Samsung QN90A Picture Quality

The Samsung QN90A is even more powerful than the QN85A since it has been released after the QN85A.

Indeed they don’t have the same panel, however, the QN90A has even more powerful brightness and better contrast even though the contrast of these panels is not as good as OLED.

But here is the thing, it is really hard to notice the QN85A vs QN90A difference when it comes to brightness even for TV experts. These two are similar.

The Winner…

In terms of the overall QN85A vs QN90A picture quality, they both have excellent quality with almost the same performance except for some differences that we will get into in the next few sections.

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Samsung QN85A vs QN90A Image Processor

Samsung QN85A vs QN90A. Which Neo QLED to Buy?

Since the Samsung QN85A and QN90A are from the same series and have the same technology, they also have the same image processor which is Neo Quantum Processor 4K.

This processor is one of the best processors that Samsung has made to this day.

So, don’t worry about the image processing because it is super powerful.

Samsung QN85A vs QN90A Motion Technology

When it comes to the motion, it seems like both TVs are doing a great job especially since they both have the same technology, so, the motion technology is a draw between the Samsung QN85A and QN90A.

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Samsung QN85A vs QN90A Contrast and Local Dimming

The contrast os the QN85A and the QN90A is decent on both TVs, but, if you look closely, you’ll notice that the QN90A has similar contrast with deeper blacks than the QN85A.

This is due to their panel type which QN85A comes with a V panel while the QN90A comes with an ADS panel (One of the IPS panel types).

Also, the local dimming of those Two TVs is different where the QN90A is the winner.

But here is the thing, this doesn’t mean that the QN85A is not that good, this just means that the QN90A has a better quality and performance.

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Samsung QN85A vs QN90A Brightness and Reflection

Samsung QN85A vs QN90A. Which Neo QLED to Buy?

Since the IPS and the VA panel technologies use backlight, it is natural to have high brightness which is the case for the Samsung QN85A and QN90A.

If you have a bright room and want a Neo QNED TV with the best brightness, the QN85A, and the QN90A are the best to choose from.

So, whether you’re watching SDR or HDR content, you will be happy with the performance of both TVs with the QN90A being a little bit better.

But when it comes to the QN85A vs QN90A reflection, it seems that the QN85A is better especially when you’re watching a dark scene.

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Samsung QN85A vs QN90A Viewing Angle

Concerning the QN85A vs QN90A viewing angle, those two TVs compete against each other, sometimes, the win goes to the QN85A while other times, the QN90A seems to be the winner.

It depends on the content as well as on the format.

But overall, those two TVs have decent viewing angles which will allow you to watch from every angle you want.

Samsung QN85A vs QN90A Gaming

The QN85A vs QN90A gaming is also the same. These two TVs have almost the same performance, especially in response time and input lag.

Also, you can connect your latest gaming console like the PS5 and the Xbox, and play with them because those TVs support the 120Hz refresh rate as well as the VRR.

Unfortunately, they don’t support Dolby Vision and G-Sync while Free-Sync is supported.

Also, you can check the gaming system performance where you can see more data about the usage of the input lag, refresh rate, HDR content, VRR, and Sound system, as well as other features like the mode settings and the screen position.

In the end, if you love gaming, whether you buy the QN85A or the QN90A, you’ll have the same gaming performance which is incredible in both TVs.

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Samsung QN85A vs QN90A Other Features

Display FeaturesSamsung QN85ASamsung QN90A
High resolution4K4K
HDR supportHDR/HDR10+HDR/HDR10+
Dolby VisionNoNo
AI UpscaleYesYes
Auto Low Latency ModeYesYes
Local dimmingYesYes
Wide color gamutYesYes
High refresh rate120Hz120Hz
Low input lagYesYes
Viewing angleWide Viewing AngleUltra Viwing Angle
Response TimeFastFast
DesignSlim DesignSlim Design

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Samsung QN85A vs QN90A Operating System

Samsung is well known for its operating system which is Tizen OS. As we all know, Samsung is always working on this system to be faster, and easier to use year after year.

And this is what you will notice if you use the Tizen OS of the QN85A and the QN90A.

The new Tizen OS version of the QN90A is faster than the one of the QN85A even though they have the same user interface.

Other than that, the Tizen OS comes with all the features you need whether for watching movies or playing games.

Here are some of the Tizen OS features:

Tizen OS FeaturesSamsung QN85ASamsung QN90A
Far-Field Voice InteractionYesYes
Voice InteractionNoNo
Multi Voice AssistantYesYes
Google AssistantYesYes
Web BrowserYesYes
SmartThings AppYesYes
TV to Mobile – MirroringYesYes
Remote AccessYesYes
Sound WallYesYes
WiFi DirectYesYes
Sound MirroringYesYes
TV Sound to MobileYesYes
Ambient ModeYesYes

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Samsung QN85A vs QN90A Ports

As mentioned earlier, the Samsung QN85A and QN90A don’t come only with the same ports, but also with the same position…

Connectivity FeaturesSamsung QN85ASamsung QN90A
HDMI portsYes (4 HDMI)Yes (4 HDMI)
Ethernet portYesYes
USB portsYes (2 USBs)Yes (2 USB)
Audio Out (Mini Jack)00
Composite In (AV)11
Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)YesYes
Wireless LAN Built-inYesYes
Optical audio outputYes (1)Yes (1)

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Samsung QN85A vs QN90A Sound Quality

Whether you take the QN85A or the QN90A, they both have a good sound even though the QN90A seems to be better a little bit.

Still, if you add a soundboard to one of these TVs, you will have another experience!

Samsung QN85A vs QN90A Price

As you know, the QN85A has been released before the QN90A which means that it will be cheaper than the QN90A.

Here are the prices of each of the QN85A and QN90A:

Well, if you look into the Samsung QN85A vs QN90A prices, you will find that they have a small price difference which may bring up the question…

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Which One You Should Buy?

Indeed, there is no big difference in the performance of the QN85A and the QN90A, but the great thing is that there is no big difference between their prices as well.

So, what I would recommend is that you better pay the extra small amount and get the QN90A since it is newer, has better overall performance, and is more reliable. After all, you’re not buying the extra features, you’re buying the 1-year difference between the two models!

If you buy one year extra, this means that you have one year extra in the future and your TV won’t be outdated quickly especially since the difference in the price is small.

So, this is what I recommend! What do you think? Would you buy the QN85A or the QN90A? I would like to see your opinions and questions in the comments section below!

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Frequent Q&A…

Q: What is the difference between QN90A and QN85A?

It’s hard to notice the difference between the two, but the QN90A has been released after the QN85A, they have almost the same performance with the QN90A being better a little bit.

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