Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED. Which One Is Better For You?

Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED. Which One Is Better For You?

Despite being old TVs now, many people are still comparing Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED. Because these TVs are legendary!

If you’ve seen our full review of the LG C9 OLED, you’ll see how powerful it is. Even today after passing a few years after its release, this TV is still powerful by today’s standards, especially for people that hate being early adopters!

On the other hand, Samsung Q90 QLED was released almost at the same time as the C9 which makes it a strong competitor in terms of performance as well as price.

So, the question is, which one is better for you? Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED?

Well, this is the question that you want an answer to, right?

But, here is another question you probably didn’t think about: Are they both worth it?

We will answer this question as well…

Let’s get started in the next few lines…

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Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED Design

LG C9 Design

Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED. Which One Is Better For You?

As we mentioned earlier in the review of the LG C9, this TV looks exactly like any OLED TV!

It is thin, with a big screen that is covering almost the whole front part. The cool thing about this TV is the curvy edges that it has. This is unlike last year’s OLED C2 and C1 where they have sharp edges.

I know that sharp edges make the TV looks minimalist and luxurious, but curvy edges give a great view. Isn’t that right?

Concerning the width, the C9 is extremely thin. However, here is the bad part, the controllers’ box down there makes it hard to stick it to the wall.

There will be always a gap between the screen and the wall. This is a problem not only for the C9 but for the C1 and C2 as well. (Here is the OLED TV that comes with no gap)

When it comes to the stand, the OLED C9 comes with the usual OLED table stand with the logo “LG OLED” written on the side. Unlike the OLED C2, the stand of the C9 is low and long.

As a result, you may have a problem with putting the soundbar under the TV. Whether you put it somewhere else, or you can wall-mount the TV and put the soundbar under it.

This stand comes by default in the box. If you would like to mount it, you better order a wall mount separately.

Overall, the look of the OLED C9 is great and fits perfectly on the wall.

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What about the Samsung Q90 QNED?

Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED. Which One Is Better For You?

Samsung has also a great design. But it doesn’t look like the C9. There is a difference.

The only similar thing they have is the big screen. But the first thing you’d notice different about these two TVs is the width. The Samsung Q90 QNED is a lot thicker than the C9.

This is because it’s not an OLED, it does work with the backlight that takes up space.

But here is the good thing about this. The back of the TV is on the same level. There is no controller box or something like that.

This means that this Samsung will be the perfect fit and will stick completely to the wall with no space left which is an advantage.

Also, if you don’t like to wall mount it, you can use the stand. This part is completely different than the stand of the C9. It is the opposite.

The Q90 QNED stand is so short and tall, this will help you with placing the soundbar easily.

Here is a summary of the Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED similarities and differences in terms of design.

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Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED Summary

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Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED Dimensions

The Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED dimensions are different. The OLED C9 comes in 55 inches, 65 inches, and 77 inches.

On the other hand, the Samsung comes at 65 inches, 75 inches, and 82 inches.

However, on the Official website of LG, the OLED C9 is discontinued. The reason is the fact that the OLED C9 has been discontinued at the moment of writing this article. Still, you can find it on Amazon.

Here are the Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED dimensions:

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Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED Display: QLED VS OLED

I know that this is the most important section of this Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED comparison.

So here is a short answer, despite having a close display quality, the Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED way of working is different!

LG C9 comes with an OLED 4K Ultra HD display. As you know, OLED panels don’t have a backlight, they work with self-lit pixels.

These pixels can act on their own in any picture to give you the best colors, especially the best contrast.

There are a lot of great things about OLED panels that we will mention later.

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Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED Contrast, Brightness, and Reflection

On the other hand, Samsung Q90 comes with a QNED 4K display. This QNED display isn’t like OLED which works with independent pixels. Instead, it does come with a backlight just like a NanoCell TV.

This backlight supports that whole screen. The problem with the backlight is the fact that it doesn’t have great contrast. however, it has better brightness than the OLED panels.

You can’t see dark colors in their accurate true version, which is something that OLED TVs are perfect to do.

LG C9 OLED display can give you the best accurate colors especially dark colors when you’re watching in a dark room.

But the most amazing color that will blow your mind is black. Because not only the C9, but all OLED TVs have what’s called the perfect black.

If you’re watching a dark scene, the pixels that are meant to be black get turned off completely to give that perfection! Isn’t that amazing?

The bad thing about OLED TVs is the reflections that they suffer from when you’re using your TV in a bright room.

That’s because OLED TVs aren’t that bright! And this is the point where backlight panels have the advantage.

They may not have that perfect black, but, if you have a bright room, the QLED will satisfy you more.

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Other Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED features

Other than that, both TVs do have HDR, SDR, as well as 4K Upscaling that allows you to watch non-4K quality content with 4K resolution by upscaling it.

All these features and powerful colors and quality have something behind it that makes it the way it looks. It’s the processor.

The Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED processors are both great. LG C9’s processor is α9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor while the Samsung Q90 comes with Quantum Processor 4K. These two processors are powerful.

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Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED Gaming

If you’ve seen our article about the best gaming TVs, you’ll notice that OLEDs are always the best.

This is because of their ability to show you another world inside the game. The picture quality, the sound as well as the settings you have access to.

Some of these features are (VRR) Variable Refresh Rate and the Game Optimizer.

The variable refresh rate allows your screen to set the picture settings depending on the frame rate of the game you’re playing.

This will give you the best viewing experience since the refresh rate of the TV will be compatible with the refresh rate of the game.

Still, this TV lacks a lot of other options, especially with today’s standards.

For example, if you’re a gamer that cares about details a lot, you may miss the 120Hz refresh rate as well as the FreeSync.

On the other hand, Samsung Q90 has also some great advantages when it comes to gaming.

Other than the great picture quality that you’ll get when you play with this TV, you have the FreeSync that the C9 doesn’t come with.

Also, you have the game mode that combines a lot of different features like Auto Game Mode, Game Motion Plus, Dynamic Black EQ, and Game Enhancer.

All these Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED features are great.

But here is the thing: These features are great by 2019 standards. But, by today’s standards, you can get way more features and higher picture quality at the same price if not less!

Here is a summary of the Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED display quality in movies and gaming:

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Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED Ports

Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED. Which One Is Better For You?

Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED Ports are pretty similar for both TVs. Anything you need from movies to gaming will find on these two TVs.

That includes the most basic ports like the Ethernet and the Antenna cable as well as the advanced ones that you might need for gaming and other things like the USB ports and HDMI ports (These HDMI don’t support the 120Hz refresh rate in addition to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

There are a lot of other Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED ports that you can check on the list below:

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Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED Systems

If you’re familiar with LG TVs or read one of our LG TV reviews, then you already know that the operating system of all LG TVs is WebOS.

On the other hand, Samsung’s operating system is called Tizen OS. It does come with fewer features than WebOS.

2019 is indeed the year before the big update that WebOS got from LG. Despite that, this system was the best even at that time in comparison to the competitors like the Samsung Q90 QLED.

The Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED systems are similar in terms of the user interface. They both have a bottom pop-up menu where you can see and control everything.

But the menu of the LG is better designed and has way more apps than the Samsung.

When it comes to Ai and voice control, LG still has the upper hand.

That’s because LG is using a mix between its own Ai and Google Assistant which makes a perfect combination and makes you enjoy voice commands even if it’s something that we don’t often do.

On the other hand, Samsung Q90 uses the Bixby system, if you have a Samsung, I’m sure you have it there as well. It’s not that great, and I can’t understand well what you’re saying.

I mean, Google Assistant after all is a legendary system, there is no way you can compete against it using Bixby!

So, in the end, I think you already know which one is the winner in the Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED systems. It’s the LG C9 OLED.

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Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED Remote

The remote control of the LG looks decent and simple. It is easy to use.

All you have is the normal buttons with numbers, in the middle, you have the volume and the moving up and down controllers with a small accessory for scrolling up and down.

At the bottom, there are a bunch of shortcut buttons that allow you to open your favorite apps quickly and easily.

The remote control of the LG OLED C9 does come also with the feature of the Magic Remote. This feature allows you to control your TV just by moving the remote in the air.

It’s the same example as a laptop being controlled by a wireless mouse.

On the other hand, the Samsung Q90 QLED is completely different. There are no buttons with numbers. Instead, you have one button that enables the numbers on the screen of the TV.

The whole remote control is almost empty. However, it is still simple and easy to use.

At the top, you have the turn on and off button, like any remote, then there are three buttons. One for enabling numbers on the screen, the second for the voice command, with a third button.

There is also the big circle that allows you to scroll. Then, you have the home button as well as some other buttons.

At the bottom, there are shortcut buttons to open your favorite apps like Netflix and Prime Video.

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Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED Sound

As mentioned earlier, the OLD C9 comes with a low stand. This means that you can’t put a soundbar down there, unlike the Samsung Q90 which allows you to have it perfectly there.

But, with the C9, you don’t need a soundbar. Its sound is decent and loud. Of course, adding a soundbar is a plus, however, this definitely shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

Concerning the Samsung Q90, it is better to have a soundbar, the sound is also great but it doesn’t reach the same quality as the C9.

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Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED Price

At the moment of writing this article, both the Q90 and the C9 OLED have been discontinued.

We have now Three other new TV generations the CX which has been also discontinued, the C1 which came out in 2021, and the C2 which just came out in 2022.

After seeing this, most of you might say that this is a perfect opportunity to buy a cheap TV with high features. Unfortunately, everything has changed about these TVs except for the Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED price. It is still the same.

You can even buy the latest C2 at almost the same price! The same thing goes for the Samsung Q90.

I think the reason is that these companies don’t want you to stay behind, they want you to be updated. To buy the latest or at least before the latest product.

In this case, we’re talking about the OLED C1 and the OLED C2. But, are they worth it? Well, That’s for sure a YES! They’re worth it.

Wait, let’s come back to our Samsung Q90 QLED VS LG C9 OLED comparison to see which one is the winner. It is the OLED C9.

So, what do you think? Would you buy the OLED C9 or the Samsung Q90? OR, you might go for the new generation and choose the C1 or the C2.

Let me know in the comments below!

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