Samsung AU8000 vs TU7000. Which One is Better for You?

Samsung AU8000 vs TU7000. Which One is Better for You?

If you’re looking for an entry Samsung TV and hesitant to choose between Samsung AU8000 and TU7000, then, this article is for you…

Samsung is well known for its high-quality TVs whether it is for entry, medium, or premium TVs, however, some TVs are so similar in their performance and features that you don’t know which one to choose.

And sometimes, they are just two generations that look so similar and don’t know what to buy, the previous model or the new model.

This is why in this article, I will show you the difference between Samsung AU8000 vs TU7000 and which one you should take home.

What is the difference between Samsung AU8000 and TU7000?

One of the main differences between the Samsung AU8000 and the TU7000 is that the AU8000 has been released after the TU7000.

The AU8000 has been released in 2021 while the TU7000 has been released in 2020. So, is there a difference? Of course, there is!

We will walk through this in more detail.

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Samsung AU8000 vs TU7000 Display Technology and Picture Quality

Samsung AU8000 vs TU7000 Image Processor

For the Samsung AU8000 vs TU7000 image processor, both TVs come with a picture processor of Crystal Processor 4K with a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160. This display is also an LED screen which makes them so affordable.

Samsung AU8000 Display Technology

Samsung AU8000 comes with an LED display that has good quality in comparison to the other LED display.

This TV has a decent brightness that helps you use it even in a bright room, especially with SDR content.

Unfortunately, there is no local dimming feature in this TV, which means that you may miss some deep black on the screen.

However, if you’re coming from a less LED Samsung TV, you’re most likely not to notice any of this!

Samsung TU7000 Display Technology

On the same track as the AU8000, Samsung TU7000 comes with an LED display that has almost the same quality but with less brightness and contrast.

Also, like the AU8000, since this TV has an LED panel, the local dimming feature is not available to improve the contrast and the black.

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Samsung AU8000 vs TU7000 Size

Samsung AU8000Samsung TU7000

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Samsung AU8000 vs TU7000 Contrast

Generally speaking, the Samsung AU8000 and TU7000 have a great contrast which will make you enjoy the darkest scenes while watching movies, especially in a dark room where you see all the details clearly.

The amazing thing about these two TVs is their ability to keep the high contrast even without the local dimming that increases the contrast ratio.

So, we can say that the Samsung AU8000 vs TU7000 contrast is decent and does a great job on both TVs.

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Samsung AU8000 vs TU7000 Brightness

Samsung AU8000 vs TU7000

Unfortunately, even though the two TVs have a backlight panel which is an LED panel, their brightness isn’t that good, especially in SDR and HDR content.

However, if we compare the Samsung AU8000 vs TU7000 brightness, we can say that the AU8000 has slightly better brightness than the TU7000.

Also, both TVs don’t support the wide color gamut.

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Samsung AU8000 vs TU7000 Motion Technology

The Motion technology is a great feature if you want to have a great experience watching movies, sports, or even gaming.

The AU8000 and the TU7000 are good TVs when it comes to those, however, the motion handling might be a little bit more than expected which you will see watching sports and maybe action movies.

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Samsung AU8000 vs TU7000 Gaming

The question that you may be asking here is: “Can I use this TV for gaming?” The answer is whether you buy the Samsung AU8000 or the TU7000, you can still have a great gaming time and experience.

Here are some of the Samsung AU8000 vs TU7000 gaming features:

Gaming FeaturesSamsung AU8000Samsung TU7000
Input LagBetween 10.9 ms and 34.8 msBetween 10.0 ms and 34.5 ms
Refresh Rate60 Hz60 Hz
Auto Low Latency ModeYesYes

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Samsung AU8000 vs TU7000 Other features

Display FeaturesSamsung AU8000Samsung TU7000
High resolution4K4K
HDR supportHDR/HDR10+HDR/HDR10+
Auto Low Latency ModeYesYes
Local dimmingNoNo
Wide color gamutNoNo
High refresh rate60Hz60Hz
Low input lagYesYes
Viewing angleNarrowNarrow
Response TimeMediocreMediocre
DesignDecent building QualityDecent building Quality

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Samsung AU8000 vs TU7000 Operating System

As we all know about Samsung, the Samsung AU8000 vs TU7000 operating system is the same which is Tizen. Do the two TVs come with the same version of Tizen?

This version has all that you need from different features including movies, channels (Apple TV, Youtube, Hulu,…), an app store (Netflix, Amazon Prime,…), as well as connectivity the gaming consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox.

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Samsung AU8000 vs TU7000 Sound Quality

Samsung AU8000 Sound Quality

As an entry-level TV from Samsung, don’t expect to have the loudest TV on the planet, and this is true!

The Samsung AU8000 is not the loudest, the sound is passable and doesn’t get that loud. This may be a good option if you don’t like too much noise, after all, who needs loud sounds every day in their life?

However, If you love loud sounds, you can buy a soundbar that will change the way you watch movies and play games. That would be a great investment for such a TV!

Samsung TU7000 Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Samsung TU7000 has almost the same quality as the sound of the AU8000. On the same track, the sound overall is decent but it doesn’t get loud enough.

Also, adding a soundbar would be better for you!

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Samsung AU8000 vs TU7000 Connectivity

Samsung AU8000 vs TU7000
Connectivity FeaturesSamsung AU8000Samsung TU7000
HDMI portsYes (3 HDMI)Yes (2 HDMI)
Ethernet portYesYes
USB portsYes (2 USBs)Yes (1 USB)
Audio Out (Mini Jack)00
Analog Audio Output (3.5mm)00
Composite In (AV)10
Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)YesYes
Wireless LAN Built-inYesYes
Optical audio outputYes (1)Yes (1)

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Samsung AU8000 vs TU7000 Features

FeaturesSamsung AU8000Samsung TU7000
BixbyYes (2 HDMI)Yes (2 HDMI)
Far-Field Voice InteractionYesYes
Google Assistant Built-inYesYes
Works With AlexaYesYes
Web BrowserYes (1 USB)Yes (1 USB)
Universal Guide11
Tap ViewYesYes
Remote AccessBasicYes
Digital ButlerNoNo
Music WallYesNo
360 Video PlayerNoNo
Ambient ModeYesNo
Voice InteractionNoNo
Samsung HealthNoNo
Digital Clean ViewYesYes
ConnectShare™ (USB 2.0)YesYes
Game ModeYesYes
TV PlusYes (1)Yes (1)

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Samsung AU8000 vs TU7000 Price

As entry-level Samsung TVs, the Samsung AU8000 and TU7000 have affordable prices that most people can afford especially since those two models are not just been released!

Also, as you saw in the screen size section, they both come with so many screen sizes, and each size has a different price and increases as the size increase.

But when it comes to the Samsung AU8000 vs TU7000 price comparison, they have almost the same prices, there are only some small differences of couple dozen of dollars.

Other than that, those two TVs are cheap.

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So, Which One Should You Buy?

I know that you’re maybe saying now that those two TVs are almost the same, they have everything the same. So, which one should I buy?

Well, since the Samsung AU8000 is a newer model than the TU7000, it would be better to go for the Samsung AU8000 since it has almost the same price plus some additional features that the TU7000 doesn’t have.

Also, you can add some accessories like a soundbar to get a better experience watching your favorite movies.

So, what do you think? Which one Should you take home? Samsung AU8000 or TU7000?

Let me know your opinions and questions in the comments below!

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