Q80A vs Q80T. Which Samsung TV Should You Buy?

Q80A vs Q80T. Which Samsung TV Should You Buy?

Samsung Q80A vs Q80T are two Samsung TVs that have great performance and display technology, but which one to choose?

If you’re familiar with Samsung TVs, you already know how powerful they are in terms of display and image processor. And Some of those TVs are the Samsung Q80A and Q80T.

The Samsung Q80T has been released in 2020 and has been discontinued while the Q80A has been released in 2021 and also has been discontinued. (Even so, you can still find new ones in the market like Amazon. So, don’t worry about that.)

This means that the Q80A is an update of the Q80T, so, is it worth it?

In this article, I will show you everything you need to know about the Samsung Q80A vs Q80T, their pros, cons, and features to know which one to buy…

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What is the Difference between Samsung Q80A and Q80T?

One of the main differences between the Samsung Q80A and the Q80T is the panel. While Samsung Q80A comes with an ADS panel, Q80T comes with a VA panel. Also, the Q80A has been released in 2021 while the Q80T is 2020.

Of course, there are other Samsung Q80A vs Q80T differences that we will well through in detail in this article.

Samsung Q80A vs Q80T Display Technology and Picture Quality

Q80A vs Q80T

The Samsung Q80A and Q80T are both QLED TVs that use full-array backlight technology. However, they have different types of panels which are the VA and the ADS.

So, what is the difference between a VA panel and an ADS panel?

Far from the technical complexities, VA and ADS panels both come from the LCD panel which is cheaper than the OLED panel.

The VA panel is well known for its high contrast and saturated colors. On the other hand, the ADS panel comes from the IPS panel which is well known for its wide viewing angle.

But, overall, the VA panel has more advantages than the ADS panel.

In terms of the Samsung Q80A vs Q80T Display Technology, it seems like the Q80A is brighter with stronger contrast than the Q80T.

The great thing about this though is that you can configure the Q80T to have almost the same picture quality as the Q80A!

In conclusion, both TVs look decent and have good picture quality, but, it seems like the Q80A has a small advantage over the Q80T.

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Samsung Q80A vs Q80T Size

Samsung Q80ASamsung Q80T

Samsung Q80A vs Q80T Contrast

As mentioned earlier, the Samsung Q80A vs Q80T panels are different and each one of them is more special than the other with one feature.

For the Samsung Q80A vs Q80T contrast, since the Q80A comes with the VA panel that is known for its high contrast, it has a better advantage in showing more colors and more contrast in dark scenes, especially in dark rooms.

It’s not all good for the Q80A though! When it comes to the local dimming and uniformity, it seems like the Q80T handles them better.

But in most cases, you’ll see that the VA panel that the Q80A comes with is a better, in contrast, ratio than the ADS panel that the Q80T has.

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Samsung Q80A vs Q80T Brightness

When it comes to the Samsung Q80A vs Q80T brightness, since the Q80A has been released after the Q80T, you may expect that it will have better brightness. But the truth is that the Samsung Q80A vs Q80T brightness is almost the same.

And even sometimes, the Q80T looks brighter than the Q80A with more vivid colors.

Even in terms of numbers, the Q80A has the upper hand. This TV reaches up to 653 nits in SDR content and 869 nits in HDR, on the other hand, Samsung Q80A reaches up to 427 nits in SDR and 719 nits in HDR content.

Additionally, Samsung Q80A blows the Q80T out of the water in gaming mode with 832 nits for the Q80A versus 534 nits for the Q80T.

In general, the brightness of both TVs is decent, still, the Q801 takes over and wins this brightness comparison.

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Samsung Q80A vs Q80T Motion Technology

Even though they are both budget TVs, these two can handle very well the motion technology especially when watching sports and fast-moving scenes, and this is thanks to their quick response.

Samsung Q80A vs Q80T Gaming

The great thing about those two budget TVs is that they both have a game mode where they reach their peak performance.

Surprisingly, they both come with the 4K 120 Hz refresh rate which is crazy for budget TVs! Also, they have a low input lag and a fast response time in addition to the VRR which is the Variable Refresh Rate.

Overall, the Samsung Q80A and Q80T gaming performance is almost the same, you won’t feel any difference playing games and connecting your latest gaming console between the two devices.

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Samsung Q80A vs Q80T Other Features

Display FeaturesSamsung Q80ASamsung Q80T
High resolution4K4K
HDR supportHDR/HDR10+HDR/HDR10+
Dolby VisionNoNo
AI UpscaleYesYes
Auto Low Latency ModeYesYes
Local dimmingYesYes
Wide color gamutYesYes
High refresh rate120Hz120Hz
Low input lagYesYes
Viewing angleWide Viewing AngleWide Viwing Angle
Response TimeFastFast
DesignSlim DesignSlim Design

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Samsung Q80A vs Q80T Operating System

Q80A vs Q80T

As we all know about the Samsung TV system, it is the Tizen OS. Since those two TVs are from the same brand, they both have the Tizen OS as well as the same version of the system!

What differs is the system version, while the Q80T supports the Tizen OS 5.5, the Q80A supports the Tizen 6.0.

This system comes with so many interesting features, here are some of them:

Tizen OS FeaturesSamsung Q80ASamsung Q80T
Far-Field Voice InteractionYesYes
Voice InteractionNoNo
Multi Voice AssistantYesYes
Google AssistantYesYes
Web BrowserYesYes
SmartThings AppYesYes
TV to Mobile – MirroringYesYes
Remote AccessYesYes
Sound WallYesYes
WiFi DirectYesYes
Sound MirroringYesYes
TV Sound to MobileYesYes
Ambient ModeYesYes

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Samsung Q80A vs Q80T Sound Quality

The v sound is almost the same on both TVs since they come with the same sound power which is 60 watts.

Also, both TVs support the Dolby Atmos technology for better sound. You can always add a soundbar to both TVs in case you want to make your experience better.

Samsung Q80A vs Q80T Connectivity and Ports

Q80A vs Q80T
Connectivity FeaturesSamsung Q80ASamsung Q80T
HDMI portsYes (4 HDMI)Yes (4 HDMI)
Ethernet portYesYes
USB portsYes (2 USBs)Yes (2 USB)
Audio Out (Mini Jack)00
Composite In (AV)11
Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)YesYes
Wireless LAN Built-inYesYes
Optical audio outputYes (1)Yes (1)

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Samsung Q80A vs Q80T Price

As mentioned earlier, the Samsung Q80A and Q80T have been discontinued, however, they are still in the market.

For the Q80A, you can still find new versions in the market, but for the Q80T, it is hard, you’re most likely to find new versions which are cheaper and in an excellent state.

Here are the Samsung Q80A vs Q80T prices…

Samsung Q80ASamsung Q80T

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So, Which One Should You Buy?

I think you already know what to buy after reading this Samsung Q80A vs Q80T comparison!

There is indeed no big difference between the two TVs, however, the difference in age matters the most in this case.

For this reason, the Samsung Q80A is the one you should go for. First of all, you’ll find it quicker than the Q80T since it is still available in the market.

Also, you’ll have a better experience with the new features of Tizens 6.0.

So, what do you think? Which TV would you like to buy? The Q80A or the Q80T? Let me know in the comments below!

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Frequent Q&A

Is the Q80A better than the Q80T?

Both TVs have almost the same performance, but, the Q80A seems to be slightly better thanks to its VA display as well as its release date (2021 versus 2020 for the Q80T).

Is Q80T discontinued?

Since it was released in 2020, the Q80T has been discontinued, still, you can find it like new on Amazon!

Is Samsung Q80A good for bright rooms?

While Samsung Q80A comes with a backlight panel that has great brightness, you won’t have any problem watching your favorite movie in a bright room. Also, this TV handles reflections very well.

Is it worth buying Samsung Q80T?

The Q80T is a great TV, but since it was released in 2020, so many new alternative budget TVs have replaced it for better performance like the Q80A which we recommend for you instead of the Q80T.

Is Samsung Q80A discontinued?

Yes, the Q80A released in 2021 has been discontinued.

Does Q80A have 120Hz?

Surprisingly yes, even though it is a budget TV, the Samsung Q80A supports the 4K 120Hz refresh rate.

Does Q80A have anti-glare?

No, Samsung Q80A doesn’t support the Anti-Glare feature, however, it can handle the reflections well.

Does Samsung Q80A have Dolby Atmos?

Yes, it does support the Dolby Atmos feature.

Is Samsung Q80A full array?

Yes, Samsung Q80A does support the Local Dimming Full Array Technology.

Is the Samsung Q80A good for gaming?

As a budget TV, the Samsung Q80A is good for gaming especially since it supports the 120Hz refresh rate, VRR, Free-Sync, and more… But, it is still not the best.

Which HDMI is 2.1 on Q80A?

The Samsung Q80A supports the HDMI 2.1 4k 120Hz.

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