LG OLED A1 VS C1. Which One Is Better For You?

LG OLED A1 VS C1. Which One Is Better For You?

Which one to buy? The A1 or the C1? This will be the main question of this LG OLED A1 VS C1 comparison in which we will answer all your questions.

OLED TVs are well known for their high-quality displays. However, like any other TV, there are cheap ones and expensive ones.

Most people get confused about whether to choose between saving money or having high-quality products. And the LG OLED A1 VS C1 comparison is one of these topics.

In this article, we have two contrary products, the LG OLED A1 is so affordable but doesn’t include a lot of great features. And there is the LG OLED C1 which is considered one of the best LG OLED TVs for movies as well as gaming, it’s expensive though!

Also, this article would help you if you already have the OLED A1 and thinking about upgrading to the OLED C1.

In case you’re interested more about the C1, you can check the full review.

So, let’s get started with our LG OLED A1 VS C1 comparison in the next few lines…

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LG OLED A1 VS C1 Design

First of all, can you distinguish between the LG OLED A1 VS C1 designs?

The answer is yes, you can if they have their stands! If they’re both wall-mounted, it is still possible but it’s harder to tell. (Assuming they’re turned off to exclude the picture quality.)

Both TVs have big screens covering almost the whole front side. That makes them look big even if you buy a small model.

Also, the thickness is almost the same. They’re both so thin. This low thickness adds a better view to the design.

When it comes to the LG OLED A1 VS C1 back, the basic design is the same, but the details are a little different.

Both TVs have the controller box on the lower side of the back. The C1 box is wider than the one on the A1.

The ports on the C1 are much more numbered than on the A1. In addition to that, there is a cable management channel on the OLED C1 through the stand. The LG A1 doesn’t support it!

The stand-in for this LG OLED A1 VS C1 design comparison is the most important part. Do you know why? Because it’s the main difference!

The stand of the OLED C1 is a table stand with the LG OLED logo on its side. This stand supports the cable management channel as mentioned before.

LG OLED A1 VS C1 Stand

The bad side about this stand is the fact that the TV stands lower! That might be an obstacle for you if you try to include a soundbar under the TV to save space.

On the other hand, the LG OLED A1 stand comes in two pieces just like the stand of NanoCell TVs, each one on each side. They don’t support the cable management channel, they don’t either come with 2 positions. It’s disappointing.

However, the advantage that you have using the stand of the A1 is saving space!

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LG OLED A1 VS C1 Dimensions

LG OLED A1 VS C1 dimensions and size

As expected from OLED TVs, they come always in a lot of sizes to make your options wider.

The LG OLED A1 VS C1 dimensions are the same with one additional for the OLED C1.

The A1 comes with 4 models which are: 48 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, and 77 inches.

On the other hand, the LG OLED C1 comes in 5 models which are: 48 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, 77 inches, and 83 inches.

As you see in the table above, the LG OLED A1 VS C1 dimensions look the same except for the 83-inch model since it’s not available in the OLED A1. Even the weight is the same.

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LG A1 VS C1 Building Material

The LG OLED A1 VS C1 building material is good. We can say that they both have almost the same quality with the C1 having the upper hand.

This doesn’t mean that the OLED A1 isn’t good enough. They’re both great and can handle some small accidents which are unfavorable. (Please do not hit the TV when your favorite team loses, the wall might be better! XD)

For the C1, the material feels premium, you can feel that by touching it. It’s something worth paying a lot of money for.

On the other hand, the material of the OLED A1 is used usually in the middle-class to the entry-level TVs. However, it’s hard enough to protect your TV.

LG OLED A1 VS C1 Display


s mentioned earlier, we all know that OLED displays are high-quality displays. But, there are the high-end OLEDs and the entry-level OLEDs.

In this LG OLED A1 VS C1 comparison, the entry-level is the A1 while the high-end is the C1.

They’re both OLEDs and they work with the same method. I assume you already know how the OLED works, otherwise, you can check the full review of the C1 or the latest review of the 2022 OLED C2.

But, if you compare the picture quality of both TVs, you’ll see the difference.

LG OLED A1 VS C1 Brightness

Since the C1 is a high-end TV, it is naturally expected to have a high brightness than the A1 which is true!

So, if you have a bright room, you better go with the OLED C1. Otherwise, you can have the OLED C2 that comes with a better brightness technology than its young brother.

Also, the C1 is better than the A1 when it comes to reflections. But, Is the C1 perfect against reflections? No! But, you will have less as you increase the brightness.

In general, you won’t get bothered by brightness with this high-end TV.

The A1 on the other hand is better from the wide viewing angle. According to Rtings, the reason behind this is the accuracy of colors in the A1 display.

This doesn’t mean that the C1 hasn’t a good viewing angle. It has a great one as well.

The LG OLED A1 supports Dolby HDR only while the C supports the HDR and Dolby HDR as well.

Of course, both TVs have the 4K upscaling feature that allows you to upgrade non-4K content to 4K quality.

In the end, everything about the performance of these two TVs is supported by the processors. But, they don’t have the same.

The OLED C1 comes with α9 Gen 4 AI Processor 4K while the OLED A1 comes with α7 Gen4 AI Processor 4K. I think you already know who’s stronger from their numbers!

LG OLED A1 VS C1 Contrast

Because these two TVs are both OLEDs, they work with small independent pixels that have their light sources.

So, both TVs have the same contrast and support the perfect black feature which is great! That’s what makes OLED TVs special from the other displays!

Whether you buy the OLED C1 or the A1, you’ll have a great time watching your favorite movies in your darkroom. So, no worries about that!

Overall, the contrast is one of the best things on OLED displays. There are no complaints about it.

There is a lot of other feature in both TVs. However, since the OLED A1 is an entry-level OLED TV, it is normal to see that it supports fewer features than the high-end OLED C1.

In the end, you get what you pay for, right?

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LG OLED A1 VS C1 Gaming

If you’ve seen our full review of the C1, you’ll notice that it’s considered one of the best gaming LG TVs.

This is because it has a lot of gaming features that help you have a better experience in any game you play!

On the other hand, the OLED A1 can be a great TV for gaming as well. But, it doesn’t contain the latest features that make playing cool.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy playing on this TV, but, if you’re a professional gamer that cares about details a lot, you may not enjoy this as much as the OLED C1.

OLED C1 can be great for beginners and intermediates.

Some of the best features that the OLED C1 has are the 120Hz refresh rate and the variable refresh rate. These two features are some of the favorite ones for gamers.

They allow you to see the game on another level of visibility especially if the game itself supports 120Hz!

On the other hand, the variable refresh rate (VRR) allows your TV to change the refresh rate based on the frame rate of the game itself.

That means that you can enjoy any game and get the most out of it.

The A1 doesn’t support this feature, nor does the 120Hz refresh rate. Instead, it does work with only 60Hz with no VRR support.

With all these dissimilarities, a lot of people won’t notice any real difference especially regular gamers.

Still, there are some common features that you’ll enjoy using on both TVs.

The best one of them is the Game Optimizer. With this feature, you can see all your age settings like the frame rate, the black stabilizer, and the low latency mode.

You can also modify or edit those settings to fit your expectations.

Other than that, there are some other features that the c1 supports, you can check them in its full review.

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LG OLED A1 VS C1 Ports

The LG OLED A1 VS C1 ports are another difference between these two TVs. I think you already know which one has mode ports, right? The C1 of course.

Here are the ports of each TV:

So, as you can see, both TV have a lot of ports. However, the latest ones are supported by the OLED C1.

That includes the HDMI 2.1 (4K 120Hz), this port is the one by which you can connect your PS5 or Xbox and still have the 120Hz refresh rate.

The A1 can be connected to the latest gaming consoles, but, that refresh rate won’t be supported.

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Since these two TVs are from the same generation and the same year, they have the same version of the operating system. It is not the newest in the meantime of writing this article. Check the latest WebOS here.

However, this WebOS supports everything you need whether you go for the OED A1 or the C1. Everything is the same.

You have the same apps, the same dashboard, the same design, and the same settings.

Of course, you may not find some options in the OLED A1 because it doesn’t support them in comparison to the C1. But the basics are all the same.

If you would like to know more details about WebOS, you can check the OLED A1 review or the OLED C1 review.

LG OLED A1 VS C1 Sound

The sound systems of both TVs are close. Still, the LG OLED C1 is louder.

In the end, these are thin TVs, the speakers won’t be able to do the best quality sounds.

For this reason, whether you want to order an OLED C1 or A1, you better buy a soundbar that will show you another level of sound and bass! That’s what we recommend.

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LG OLED A1 VS C1 Remote

Like the WebOS, the LG OLED A1 VS C1 remote control is the same. The remote control is the same for all LG TVs except for the Z series.

It’s working pretty well. It got an upgrade to the 2020 model to be better designed, comfier and supported with more helpful buttons like the app’s shortcuts.

The remote comes in the box with the TV including its batteries in box TVs.

One of the greatest features of this remote is the Magic Remote. You can control everything on this TV just by moving the emote in the air.

That way, you can save a lot of time clicking and searching for buttons.

It is the same idea as controlling your laptop with a wireless mouse!

You can also voice command your TV from the remote by clicking on the shortcuts buttons that lead you to one of the personal assistants, Google Assistant or Alexa.

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LG OLED A1 VS C1 Accessories

Both TVs come with the same accessories in the box. These accessories are the remote and its batteries as mentioned earlier, the E-Manual, the Quick Guide, and the stand.

If you would like to wall mount your TV, you can order a wall mount separately.

Pay attention, the LG OLED A1 VS C1 wall mounts are not the same, they’re different!

LG OLED A1 VS C1 Price

We all know that these two TVs are opposites. The Entry-level A1 and the Luxurious C1.

But here is the surprise, the LG OLED A1 VS C1 prices are so close!

Check their prices from here:

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So, Which One Should You Choose?

If you’ve read the whole LG OLED A1 VS C1 comparison, I think you have already decided what you want.

And I think that most of you will choose the C1.

This is because of the multiple features that it comes with plus the small price difference in comparison to the A1.

If you’re interested in having the A1 in your living room, you can add a couple of dollars and get the C1. That’s how it is!

So, which one do you think you would buy? The C1 or the A1?

I would love to see your answers in the comments below!

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