LG G3 vs Samsung S95C. Which One Should You Buy?

LG G3 vs Samsung S95C. Which One Should You Buy?

LG and Samsung are some of the top TV brands that you already know about or at least have already heard of!

Some of their new TVs the LG G3 and Samsung S95C that have been released in 2023 are confusing people on which one to buy.

The LG G3 vs Samsung S95C are both top high-end TVs that LG and Samsung put all their latest technologies and efforts into, so, which one is better for you and which one should you buy?

This is what you’ll know after reading this LG G3 vs Samsung S95C comparison…

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What is the main difference between LG G3 and Samsung S95C?

While both TVs are OLED, the LG G3 and Samsung S95C differ in terms of picture quality. While LG G3 supports Dolby Vision in addition to HDR10+, Samsung S95C instead supports only HDR10+. Also, LG G3 is brighter than Samsung S95C.

LG G3 vs Samsung S95C Design

LG G3 Design

LG is always surprising us with the great designs of its TVs, and the LG G3 is not an exception. The design of the G3 is slim and so thin, it doesn’t come with a stand as we’re used to seeing, but, it comes with a wall mount.

This means that this TV is meant to be mounted, and the reason for this is that if you add the stand that you can buy with the TV, you’re most likely not to like it at all since it doesn’t have the same quality and high-end building material as the G3 has.

Samsung S95C Design

Samsung TVs are also well known for their super thin design, and this is exactly how the Samsung S95C is. It is thinner than the LG G3, and the reason for this is it doesn’t have the ports!

The Samsung S95C comes with a little box where all the connectivity ports are gathered, then, you connect to the TV with only one cable.

This means that the back of the TV is so simple and you get better cable management than grouping all the cables behind the TV.

Also, unlike the LG G3 which comes with a wall mount, the Samsung S95C comes with a stand that has good quality and a great design.

The Winner…

So, when it comes to the LG G3 vs Samsung S95C design, both TVs have a slim design, they differ though in the stand and the wall mounting.

While LG G3 is great at wall mounting, Samsung S95C seems to be good at both, wall mounting and having a stand.

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LG G3 vs Samsung S95C Sizes

LG G3Samsung S95C

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LG G3 vs Samsung S95C Display Quality

LG G3 vs Samsung S95C

Since both TVs are high-end TVs, they both have great display quality, however, they don’t have the same technologies involved as well not have the same characteristics, let’s get into more details by looking at the brightness and the contrast as well as other LG G3 vs Samsung S95C features…

LG G3 vs Samsung S95C Image Processor

The LG G3 vs Samsung S95C image processors that have been put in these two TVs are the latest and the most powerful for LG and Samsung.

The LG G3 comes with the α9 AI Processor 4K Gen6 while Samsung S95C comes with the Neural Quantum Processor 4K.

LG G3 vs Samsung S95C Contrast

The great thing about those two TVs is that they have OLED panels which gives us a great impression and expectation that the quality will be perfect at least for the contrast.

And this is true and accurate.

The contrast between the LG G3 vs Samsung S95C looks perfect on both TVs, they both have deep levels of black and even if you put them together, they look perfect.

This is due to the self-lit bezels that the OLED panels are well known for, ad this is what gives that deep black which will give you a great experience, especially in your dark room.

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LG G3 vs Samsung S95C Brightness

When it comes to the LG G3 vs Samsung S95C brightness, things may be different a little bit. While both TVs have the best brightness ever on any TV in both brands, LG G3 still beats Samsung S95C in brightness.

However, it’s not all good for the LG G3. If you put the LG G3 alone in front of you, you’ll get a great viewing experience and everything looks perfect.

But once you put the Samsung S95C next to it, you’ll notice that the color accuracy of the Samsung S95C is a little bit better than the LG G3 (Even though the S95C has also some color flaws sometimes).

Well, this doesn’t mean that one of them is worse or bad, they are both great and perfect for watching your best movies.

So, can this color accuracy and brightness thing be a deal breaker? NOT AT ALL. By the way, you’re most likely not to notice the difference!

Other than that, those two TVs don’t meet in some features like the Dolby Vision that the LG G3 supports while the Samsung S95C does not.

This advantage might seem like a deal breaker for some people while it is not for others since they can see that there is no big difference in the display quality of both TVs.

Still, as a consumer paying for a high-end TV, it is better to have as many features as possible even if they have no big effect. That’s my personal opinion.

LG G3 vs Samsung S95C Motion and Upscalling

Whether you go for the G3 or the S95C, the motion and the 4K upscaling of those two TVs is perfect and you’ll have a great time watching anything you want whether in sports using the motion technology or in the Upscallig 4K watching non 4K content in 4K!

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LG G3 vs Samsung S95C Other Features (Local Dimming, Viewing Angle,…)

Display FeaturesLG G3Samsung S95C
High resolution4K4K
HDR supportHDR/HDR10+HDR/HDR10+
Dolby VisionYesNo
AI UpscaleYesYes
Auto Low Latency ModeYesYes
Local dimmingYesYes
Wide color gamutYesYes
High refresh rate120Hz144Hz
Low input lagYesYes
Viewing angleYesYes
Response TimeFastFast
DesignSlim DesignSlim Design

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LG G3 vs Samsung S95C Gaming

LG G3 vs Samsung S95C

When it comes to LG G3 vs Samsung S95C gaming, whether you choose to have a fun time with the G3 or the S95C, you’ll be amazed by how powerful these TVs are.

In addition to the brightness and contrast features they have, the game mode will even increase their performance to the limit.

But at the same time, each one of those TVs has an advantage that the other doesn’t have.

For example, the OLED G3 comes with Dolby Vision which increases the display quality of the screen while gaming which is something that the S95C doesn’t have.

On the other hand, the S95C comes with a refresh rate of 144Hz in comparison to the 120Hz refresh rate of LG.

Other than this, both TVs are great for gaming and you can connect any gaming device you have with no issues.

Gaming FeaturesLG G3Samsung S95C
Input Lagless than 10m/sless than 10m/s
Refresh Rate120 Hz144 Hz
Game Mode/OptimizerYesYes
HGIG ModeYesYes

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LG G3 vs Samsung S95C Ports

LG G3 vs Samsung S95C

Before getting to the LG G3 vs Samsung S95C ports, one of the main features that the Samsung SC95 has over the LG G3 is the port box that comes with the TV.

This box includes all the ports it needs while the TV doesn’t come with any ports except for one cable that connects the box to the TV which is something that LG G3 doesn’t have.

Other than that, both TVs come with all the required ports, especially for high-end TVs! Here are some of them:

Connectivity FeaturesLG G3Samsung S95C
HDMI ports44
Ethernet portYesYes
USB portsYesYes
Audio Out (Mini Jack)YesYes
Composite In (AV)YesYes
Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)YesYes
Wireless LAN Built-inYesYes
Optical audio outputYesYes

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LG G3 vs Samsung S95C Operating Systems

LG and Samsung are well known in that they have their operating systems and how powerful and easy to use.

The LG G3 comes with the WebOS 23 which is the latest version of the LG operating system. Samsung on the other hand comes with the Tizen OS.

These two systems are some of the best operating systems in the TV industry and they throw Android TVs out of the water!

Both have a great user interface and an easy-to-use layout, they come also with tons of features, here are some of them:

LG G3 vs Samsung S95C Operating SystemsLG G3Samsung S95C
Far-Field Voice InteractionYesYes
Voice InteractionYesYes
Multi Voice AssistantYesYes
Google AssistantYesYes
Web BrowserYesYes
SmartThings AppYesYes
TV to Mobile – MirroringYesYes
Remote AccessYesYes
Sound WallYesYes
WiFi DirectYesYes
Sound MirroringYesYes
TV Sound to MobileYesYes
Ambient ModeYesYes

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LG G3 vs Samsung S95C Sound

The LG G3 vs Samsung S95C sounds are decent and have great quality but not as high as some people may expect.

However, the great thing about these two TVs is their soundbars. If you buy an LG soundbar for your LG G3, you’ll benefit from additional features that get enabled only with the LG soundboard like the LG Sync.

The same thing goes for Samsung S95C, when you add a Samsung soundbar, you’ll unlock the Q Symphony Sound.

Other than that, both TV sounds are good.

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LG G3 vs Samsung S95C Price

Well, as you know, these two TVs are high-end and come with premium prices. If you’re asking about which is more convenient in terms of the LG G3 vs Samsung S95C price, I’ll say that they have almost the same price! Their prices are competitive.

On each size, you may find a difference of about a hundred dollars.

Here are the prices of each model:

LG G3 PricesSamsung S95C Prices
Buy the 55″ ModelBuy the 55″ Model
Buy the 65″ ModelBuy the 65″Model
Buy the 77″ ModelBuy the 77″ Model
Buy the 83″ Model

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So, Which One Should You Buy?

The answer to this question is hard! The two TVs are so competitive, they have almost the same performance, and the features that one misses compensate them the other side.

The decision to buy the LG G3 or the Samsung S95C comes back to you and what you feel is better for you.

For me, I would like to take the LG G3 OLED since I’ve been using LG TVs for a while and I have a great impression of them, but, at the same time, I have no problem with Samsung TVs and I don’t mind trying the new Samsung S95C!

What about you? What do you think? Which one would you go for of these two LG G3s vs Samsung S95C?

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Frequent Q&A

Is Samsung or LG better for OLED?

Samsung and LG are so competitive and it is hard to determine which one to go for. While the LG has more brightness with the Evo feature and supports Dolby Vision, the Samsung has better color accuracy but no Dolby Vision included, only HDR10+.

What is the difference between OLED and QD OLED?

OLED displays are great for deep blacks and contrast as well as brightness, on the other hand, QD OLED tends to be greater in sports and gaming.

Why LG is better than Samsung?

Not all LG TVs are better than Samsung TVs, but in general, we can say that LG TVs are more powerful than Samsung.

Is QD-OLED more durable than OLED?

According to TV Hi-Fi Pro, “QD-OLED panels employ three layers of blue OLED which makes the durability longer and in turn reduces the possibility of screen burn-in and screen retention.”

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