LG C1 VS Sony A80J. Which One Should You Buy?

LG C1 VS Sony A80J. Which One Should You Buy?

In this article, we will compare the LG C1 VS Sony A80J. Which one should you buy? and which one is better for you?

We all know that LG C1 is one of the best OLED 4K TVs on the market. Whether you use it for watching movies or gaming, it will give you the best experience you’ve ever had (Until the OLED C2 came out).

However, LG is not the only TV brand on the market, there are a lot of powerful TVs from other brands like Sony.

One of the best competitors of the OLED C1 is the Sony A80J, this TV has come out in the same year as the C1. That means that it also has the latest features in 2021.

Are they similar? do they have the same features? What are their differences and their similarities?

If you’re hesitant about which TV to buy from this LG C1 VS Sony A80J, you’ll get the answer in this article. So stay tuned.

Let’s get started in the next few lines…

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LG C1 VS Sony A80J Design

If you’ve seen our full review of the OLED C1, then, you already know that this TV has a great design.

It does come with a big screen covering almost the whole front side, it is also so thin. But, there is the controllers’ box on the back with the ports and the cables management channel as well.

The Sony A80J is also similar to the C1. It does come with a big and thin screen which makes its design so minimalist.

The Sony has also a controller box in the end. However, its design is different than the one on the C1. It still looks good though.

The weird thing is the absence of the cable management channel on the TV and on the stand which is disappointing.

Both TVs have a luxurious look that gives you a primary impression of their performance as well as their prices.

Overall, the LG C1 VS Sony A80J exterior design is the same. It’s hard to see which one is which from the front side.

On the backside, you can tell from the design. But, there is a major difference in both TVs that anyone can recognize which one is which. It’s the stand.

As you know, the stand of the LG OLED C1 is a table stand, it is so close to the ground. Some people might find it a little annoying especially if they want to add a soundbar below the TV.

On the other hand, its stand Sony is different not only from the OLED C1 but from the whole LG TVs!

The stand Sony comes with two parts like the NanoCell TVs. These stands are so high and can be adjustable on the TV.

But, on themselves! You can control the low part of the stand and move it forward or backward as you wish.

They’re good also with saving space!

In general, the LG C1 VS Sony A80J design looks great and premium.

They have some disadvantages like the low stand on the C1 and the absence of the cable management channel on the A80J. But, these problems can’t be a deal-breaker for you!

What about the LG C1 VS Sony A80J dimensions though? Do they have the same dimensions?

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LG C1 VS Sony A80J Dimensions And Building Quality

LG C1 VS Sony A80J. Which One Should You Buy?

The OLED C1 comes with 5 models, each model has its size. That allows you to have different options and different places in your house.

The OLED C1 comes with a 48-inch model, 55-inch model, 65-inch model, 77-inch model, and 83-inch model.

On the other hand, the Sony A80Jcomes with only 3 models which are: 55 inch model, a 65-inch model, and a 77-inch model.

Here are their exact dimensions:

When it comes to the LG C1 VS Sony A80J building material, both TVs have great and solid material. In the end, you get what you pay for.

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LG C1 VS Sony A80J Display

LG C1 VS Sony A80J. Which One Should You Buy?

The LG OLED C1 comes with an OLED 4K display that is super powerful. Also, the Sony A80J comes with an OLED display.

As you know, OLED displays are well known for their high-quality pictures whether in a bright or darkroom.

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LG C1 VS Sony A80J Brightness

When it comes to LG C1 VS Sony A80J brightness, these two TVs are perfectly bright and clear.

You can watch your favorite movies in your bright room and have no problem at all.

Reflections can sometimes infilter your screen, but, since you can increase the brightness, then, you should have no problem, because these two TVs are so bright, especially the OLED C1!

The viewing angle also is nearly perfect. You can watch your TV from any angle you want in the house with the same picture quality. Both TVs are good with it, you can’t tell the difference.

Also, both TVs support HDR content, SDR content as well as Dolby Vision which is expected from such high-end TVs.

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LG C1 VS Sony A80J Contrast

LG C1 VS Sony A80J. Which One Should You Buy?

The OLED C1 and the Sony A80J are OLED TVs. And if you don’t know, OLED displays are the best displays you can have for a dark room, your bedroom for example if you want to watch a movie at night.

The reason is the independence of their pixels.

Let me explain, as you know, the display contains millions and millions of pixels that turn on and off to create the picture that you see on the TV.

In the OLED display case, these pixels are independent. This means that they can turn on and off independently. How does this help?

Well, it gives you the best contrast. If you’re watching a dark scene, you’ll see the black color as black, not as blue or grey like some other TVs.

This black is perfect. Why? Because those pixels turn off completely to give you that real black.

This is why OLED TVs are great in contrast.

Which one is better in this LG C1 VS Sony A80J comparison? They’re both great since they have the same display type.

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LG C1 VS Sony A80J Other features

In addition to all these qualities, the OLED C1 and the A80J have more and more features than you expect.

All this performance is monitored by a processor of course. However, the LG C1 VS Sony A80J processors are different.

Concerning the LG C1, it does come with the α9 Gen 4 AI Processor 4K which was the latest in 2021. On the other hand, Sony A80J comes with Cognitive Processor XR. They’re both super powerful in movies and gaming modes as well.

Here are some other features for each of those TVs:

These are not the only features, there are a lot more that we will walk through. However, if you’d like to see them in detail, check the full review of the OLED C1.

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LG C1 VS Sony A80J Gaming

We all know how powerful the OLED C1 is in gaming. It is one of the best TVs out there to do this heavy task, especially with the latest gaming consoles! But, does Sony have the same level?

Well, the Sony A80J has also a good gaming performance, but it still lacks some great features that LG has.

Both TVs come with a 120Hz refresh rate which is great for heavy games and high-end gaming consoles like the Play Station 5 and Xbox.

Also, LG C1 supports the Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) which is a feature that allows your screen to adapt to any frame rate in any game you play.

The bad news is the fact that Sony doesn’t support this feature. It is no only one though, there are some other features as well that are not supported.

Some of them are the Free-Sync, and G-Sync which allow you to connect the latest graphic cards like Nvidia and AMD.

Both TVs support HDMI 2.1 (4K 120Hz) which is great. The LG OLED C1 comes with 4 HDMI 2.1 ports while the Sony A80J comes only with two.

The absence of these features won’t affect your gaming performance if you’re a regular gamer.

However, if you’re a professional techy gamer that cares about the smallest details, then you will see a difference.

Here is a summary of all the LG C1 VS Sony A80J gaming features:

After comparing the LG C1 VS Sony A80J, it seems like we have a winner! And you know it!

It’s the OLED C1. This TV supports a lot of great features that most gamers might need.

So, if you’re buying one of these two TVs just for gaming, you better go for the OLED C1. You’ll have a better time with it.

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LG C1 VS Sony A80J Operating Systems

These TVs are from two brands, they have different operating systems.

For LG, all its TVs including the OLED C1 work with the WebOS. On the other hand, Sony TVs work with Android TVs.

These two systems are so smart and support a lot of smart features. But, who’s better?

Starting with the LG WebOS, it has had a big improvement in the last few years that has changed completely its performance.

Now, you have a new user interface as well as a new user experience. Some people didn’t like it and preferred the previous version while most people loved it.

The new dashboard is a full-screen dashboard that comes with a lot of categories including personal recommendations depending on what you like to watch.

You have also access to a lot of apps like YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, and more!

Artificial intelligence is also one of the best features of this TV. The OLED C1 supports Alexa and Google Assistant.

All you have to do now is to voice command your TV without the need to touch your remote control which has been improved also!

All these features mentioned are just a small part of the bigger world that you have on your OLED C1. If you’d like to know more details about the WebOS, check the full review of the LG OLED C1.

What about the Sony A80J?

LG C1 VS Sony A80J Operating systems are nearly similar! The Android TV or Google TV (its new name) has got also had a major new update.

It does come also with a full-screen dashboard that seems better designed than the WebOS with bigger fonts and icons.

However, when it comes to the features and the settings, it seems that the LG is way better than the Sony A80J.

This doesn’t mean that the A80J doesn’t have a good system. It is great, however, if you want to have a richer system with more settings and apps to discover, you better go for the LG OLED C1.

Sony also includes the Voice command feature. This means that you’ll enjoy talking to your assistants.

Overall, both LG C1 VS Sony A80J operating systems are great and work perfectly fine.

Maybe, the operating system won’t be the major factor to choose the LG C1 VS Sony A80J. We buy a TV, after all, to watch movies and have a good time gaming.

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LG C1 VS Sony A80J Ports

Both TVs have a lot of ports. I’m sure that if you’re a gamer, you’re most likely to search for the HDMI2.1 port. Well, it’s available on both TVs and supports 120Hz 4K as well.

Other than that, these TVs supports also the ports that come naturally with any TV like the Ethernet port, Antenna, HDMI2.2, USB ports, and eARC…

However, it seems that Sony A80J comes with more ports than LG OLED C1.

This doesn’t mean that the LG OLED C1 lacks some ports. Everything you need on the OLED is there, you won’t miss anything!

But, this means at the same time that you’ll have a lot of ports to take advantage of in your Sony A80J. Isn’t it?

Here are some ports that each TV has:

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LG C1 VS Sony A80J Sound

The LG C1 VS Sony A80J sound systems are both good. They’re clear and loud.

Still, there is a slight advantage to the Sony with better bass.

Other than that, they’re good and there is nothing to complain about.

Yet, having a soundbar is still the best TV accessory you can ever have. Your experience will completely different. So make sure you have a great soundbar system for your high-end TV.

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LG C1 VS Sony A80J Remote

As mentioned earlier, the remote of the LG C1 has been updated in design as well as in functionality. The same goes for Sony!

In terms of design, it seems like Sony A80J has the upper hand since the remote looks premium.

It does come with almost the same buttons as the OLED C1 including the shortcut buttons and the voice command access. The organizations of the buttons are different though.

On the other hand, the LG C1 remote’s design is so comfy to hold and smaller than Sony’s remote.

What makes the LG remote special is the Magic Remote which allows you to control your TV by moving the remote, just like a wireless mouse with a laptop.

When it comes to voice commands, we can say that the voice command on the LG is limited in comparison to Sony’s voice command.

This means that you can change some settings with your voice on Sony, but, you can’t change the same settings on the OLED C1.

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LG C1 VS Sony A80J Accessories

Like the sound, the LG C1 VS Sony A80J accessories are almost the same whether we’re talking about accessories that come in the box or that you can order later.

The remote, the batteries, and the manuals are what we expect to come with the TV in the box.

However, the TV comes with a stand by default. If you’d like to wall mount it, you can order a wall mount separately.

That goes for both TVs.

There is an OLED TV that comes with the stand as default. Check it out.

LG C1 VS Sony A80J Price

The prices of these two TVs are competitive. But, Sony is a little more expensive than LG.

We know that price is an important factor to decide whether to buy or not if not the most important one.

So, you have to make sure and keep in mind the price-quality ratio!

Here are the LG C1 VS Sony A80J prices, check them out here:

So, Which One Should You Buy? LG C1 VS Sony A80J Verdict

Choosing between these two powerful brands is a hard thing to do especially since their products are some of the best in the market.

Still, there will be always a winner, not an absolute winner! Because what’s good for you might not be good for me, right?

But, in general, it seems like the LG OLED C1 has the upper hand in this LG C1 VS Sony A80J comparison.

And this is because of the additional features and settings that come with as well as the display performance. In addition to that, the OLED C1 blows the Sony A80J out of the water in gaming!

In addition to the price, that would be a great deal.

So, what do you think about that? Which one would you choose in this LG C1 VS Sony A80J comparison?

I would love to see your opinion in the comments below!