Hisense vs Samsung TV. Which One Should You Go For?

Hisense vs Samsung TV. Which One Should You Go For?

Holidays are coming! And maybe you’re thinking about buying a great TV to spend some time with movies and favorite shows. But which one to Buy?

Hisense and Samsung are some of the well-known TVs in the market today since they come with so many TV models as well as so many great features and qualities.

But which one is better and what is the difference between Hisense and Samsung? What should you buy in the end?

This is what you will know at the end of this Hisense vs Samsung comparison…

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What is the Difference Between Hisense and Samsung?

One of the main differences between Hisense and Samsung is the pricing. While Hisense offers so many affordable models with medium to sound quality, Samsung offers higher quality models with premium prices.

However, this is not the only difference between those two, each of these two brands has its pros and cons which is something you should know first before taking your decision…

Hisense vs Samsung Display Technology and Picture Quality

Hisense Display Technology

Hisense TVs come with different types of displays like UHD, QLED, and ULED. They are well known for having the best brightness in the market more than OLED because they are supported by a backlight.

However, when it comes to contact, Hisense TVs are considered to be good but not excellent since they use local dimming technology which doesn’t give you the perfect black that OLED TVs have.

In addition to all these display types, Hisense also offers the Laser TV which is a good replacement for traditional TVs.

And of course, without mentioning that Hisense also comes with 4K and 8KTVs.

Also, some of the great features of Hisense TVs are how durable they are even though they are cheap. Hisense can last for a longer time than Samsung TVs.

Other than this, there are more features that we will get along with this article.

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Samsung Display Technology

Samsung also comes with a variety of panels and technologies including QLED, Neo QLED, OLED, Crystal UHD, and FHD.

Some of these TVs are premium while others are more affordable with a medium quality.

The great thing about Samsung displays is the variety of technologies. Some of these displays support the self-dimming pixels which are independent. Each pixel dimes and lights on its own independently of other pixels like OLED.

Other displays like QLED, Neo QLED, and UHD displays are using LED backlights which are great at brightness and good at contrast.

The Winner…

The Hisense vs Samsung display technology is decent for both brands, however, it seems like Samsung comes with more variety of displays which gives you more choices.

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Hisense vs Samsung Image Processor

Hisense Image Processor

So many people may think that this Chinese company (Hisense) is not worth it because of China’s product reputation in the market.

Hisense is not the case! This TV company offers so many powerful image processors depending on the TV generation as well as the image quality like 4K and 8K.

One of the best processors in Hisense is the self-developed 8K AI Perceptual Processor (Hi-View HV8107) which is a great chip for sharpening the quality of the image of Hisense TVs.

Some other 4K processors are worth considering.

Samsung Image Processor

Samsung on the other hand is well known for its powerful processor that makes its TVs one of the best in the world.

With the 1.3 GHz Quad Core Processor as well as the AI-powered 8K resolution, Samsung TVs are so fast and can multitask without influencing the image quality.

So, no matter what Samsung TV you buy, be confident that it has a great chip inside.

The Winner…

We can say that both TV brands have great chips that can handle the pressure and make those TVs a great place for your eyes to watch.

However, considering that Samsung is an older company with more experience may create a difference between the two brands.

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Hisense vs Samsung Motion Technology

Hisense Motion Technology

Hisense TVs support motion technology. This technology helps the image be smoother and reduces the blur which gives you a better quality.

Motion Technology is a higher version of the refresh rate that makes the quality of video better and smoother.

With this feature put in Hisense TV, you’ll have a great viewing experience.

Samsung Motion Technology

Samsung TVs also support motion technology, however, you may not find it with that name in the settings of our Samsung TV.

They are called instead the AutoMotion Plus or Picture Quality.

Like Hisense, Samsung AutoMotion Plus also enhances the picture quality to eliminate blur and I’ve you the best quality possible.

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Hisense vs Samsung Contrast

Hisense and Samsung use different display types and each one of them comes with different technologies than the other. This makes them better than each other in some features.

The contrast depends on the display type. For example, OLED panels that Hisense and Samsung are well known for their high contrast since they contain self-lit pixels that turn on and off independently which gives you something called the perfect black (According to LG).

On the other hand, other displays that use backlight technology like the ULED and QLED have a decent quality of contrast but are not as good as OLED panels.

In the end, the contrast doesn’t have any relation with the brand as much as it is related to the type of panel used.

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Hisense vs Samsung Brightness

Hisense vs Samsung TV. Which

The same thing goes for the brightness, it depends on the type of panel you’re using.

For example, TVs like ULED used by Hisense, and QLED used by Samsung are panels that use backlight technology.

This technology is not as good as OLED in contrast, but they are well known for their high brightness better than OLED.

This means that your choice doesn’t only depend on the TV but also the placement inside your house. If the room you’re putting your TV in is so bright, then backlight Hisense and Samsung panels are better.

If it’s the other way around, then you should go for OLED.

Other than that, both TV brands support some features like HDR and Dolby Atmos technology.

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Other Features (Local Dimming, Viewing Angle, Color, Reflections)

There are also so many other features for both TV Brands that I would like to show you briefly:

Display FeaturesHisense TVsSamsung TVs
High resolution4K/8K4K/8K
HDR supportHDR/HDR10+HDR/HDR10+
Dolby VisionDolby VisionNo
Local dimmingFull Array Local Dimming ProYes
Wide color gamutYesPantone Validated
High refresh rate144HZ120HZ
Low input lagYesYes
Viewing angleYesUltra Viewing Angle
Anti-glare coatingYesYes
Design and aestheticsModern LookSlim

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Hisense vs Samsung Operating Systems

Hisense Operating System

Hisense comes with an operating system called VIDAA, this system is known for its ease of use, reliability, and customizable options.

It doesn’t contain so many great and smart features like the VIDAA voice, hundreds if not thousands of channels, Google search, App installation, Control by phone, as well as so many other functionalities that will draw your attention.

Samsung Operating System

Hisense vs Samsung TV

Like any TV company, each has an operating system that puts it inside its TVs. Samsung and Hisense also have their own!

Samsung comes with an OP called Tizen OS. This operating system is not only for TVs, but it is used also for mobile devices and home appliances. I know this may shock you but it has more than 190 million users over the world in 197 countries.

It comes with so many features and apps that you can find inside your Samsung TV. It is also responsible for some features like SmartThings to control your devices and TV channels like Euronews…

Also, thanks to this OP, you can customize your TV depending on your usage and habits which is something so comfortable especially if you live alone.

The Winner…

Whether you choose a Samsung TV or a Hisense TV, both brands have great operating systems that will make you a good experience customizing and watching your favorite shows.

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Hisense vs Samsung Sound Quality

Here are some of the Hisense vs Samsung sound features:

Sound FeaturesHisense TVsSamsung TVs
Dolby AtmosYesYes
Down-Firing SpeakersYesYes
Dialogue EnhancementYesYes (Dialogue Clarity)
Dynamic Range ControlYesYes
Rear-Firing SpeakersYesYes
Front-Firing SpeakersYesYes

The Winner…

The Hisense vs Samsung sound systems is decent in both TVs. The difference may be though in the sound profiles where Hisense seems to have more sound profiles than Samsung.

However, this is not necessarily a deal-breaking. After all, the sound quality is almost the same with the same sound systems.

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Hisense vs Samsung Connectivity

Here are the Hisense vs Samsung connectivity features:

Connectivity FeaturesHisense TVsSamsung TVs
HDMI portsYesYes
Ethernet portYesYes
USB portsYesYes
Optical audio outputYesYes
Screen mirroringYesYes

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Hisense vs Samsung Price

Hisense TVs Price

Hisense TVs are known for their cheap and affordable prices. However, this rule does not apply to all Hisense TVs.

Some Hisense TVs have high prices they almost hit the 5-figure price tag!

Hisense TVQuality/PanelPrice
Hisense U8H QLED SeriesMed/QLEDCheck the Price
Hisense ULED PremiumPremium/QLEDCheck the Price
Hisense ULED 55U7GPremium/QLEDCheck the Price
Hisense ULED 4K 55U6GRPremium/QLEDCheck the Price
Hisense 100L10EPremium/LaserCheck the Price
Hisense ULED U7HPremium/ULEDCheck the Price
Hisense H9 Quantum SeriesPremium/ULEDCheck the Price

Samsung TVs Price

Unlike Hisense TVs, Samsung TVs are well known for their premium prices and high quality, so, here are some of the Samsung TVs:

Samsung TVQuality/PanelPrice
SAMSUNG Crystal 4K UHDMed/UHDCheck the Price
SAMSUNG Neo QLED 4KPremium/Neo QLEDCheck the Price
SAMSUNG QLED 4KPremium/QLEDCheck the Price
SAMSUNG Neo QLED 8KPremium/Neo QLEDCheck the Price
SAMSUNG QN75 Neo QLED 4KPremium/Neo QLEDCheck the Price
SAMSUNG Neo QLED QN900B SeriesPremium/QLEDCheck the Price
SAMSUNG OLED 4K S95C SeriesPremium/OLEDCheck the Price

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So, Which One Should You Buy?

By looking at Hisense and Samsung TVs from a general view, they may seem so different with Samsung being at the top and Hisense being at the bottom.

But, actually, by comparing the Hisense vs Samsung features, we can see that they are so close to each other and have almost the same level of technology even though their technologies are different.

So, if you’re looking to buy a great TV at an affordable price, Hisense is a great brand to start with.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to buy a premium TV and want something worth it, Samsung will be better for you in this case.

So, what do you think? What will you buy? Hisense or Samsung TV? Let me know in the comments below!

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Frequent Q&A?

Q: Is Hisense TV better than Samsung?

A: Hisense and Samsung are both great brands, While Hisense comes with impressive features on their TVs at a cheap price, Samsung covers cheap as well as premium TVs leaving you the choice to choose whatever you want.